Our goal is simple - to connect bikers and promote fun & safe biking for all riders



Welcome to the history of Lincolnshire Bike Nights, the online calendar of Lincolnshire motorcycle bike night events, bike meets, rallies, shows, ride outs, started and run by me (Graham Sugdon) since 1989. The bike nights were started for the benefit of all bikers, trike riders, scooter riders, vintage and classic motorcyclists. We are keen to promote safe motorbike riding and provide an enjoyable experience for all bikers. Why not bring your classic bike, cruiser bike or sports bike and come along for the ride?


How it all started...

Photos from Brigg bike night and Glanford Park


Before the bike nights
I started riding motorcycles in the fields behind the house when I was 9 years old on a 1945 BSA 125cc hand gear change bike, complete with a with a Raleigh moped front wheel (because it had a brake in it). My father, Bernard, who many will have seen on one of his many immaculately restored Triumph twins always had bikes as did my granddad, Harold, who rode BSA motorcycles. I started on road bikes at the age of 16 on a 250cc Matchless completing the RAC/ACU Motorcycle Training Course passing my test first time. I then went on to a 650cc Triumph many years later to able share biking times with my father. We used to have road trips to the TT races on the Triumphs and to the Lincolnshire Bike Nights until he sadly passed away in 2007. Bernard rode motorcycles usually with my mother Nancy as pillion for 60 Years, that is some achievement! I only hope I can manage the same.

How Lincolnshire Bike Nights started
Before the launch of the Lincolnshire Bike Nights in 1989, I used to be the PR for the VMCC Mid Linc’s Section and was the Secretary of Motorcycle Section in Scunthorpe. At that time, many venues had signs out side saying “NO BIKERS”, so when trying to organise ride outs and bike meets at pubs, I had to go along and persuade the pubs to let us use their venues. Once a month I used to plan scenic back road ride outs to a venue and arrange “chip butty suppers”. Some of the venues are still used for the LBN events even now. Due to the lack of welcoming venues, I decided to organise and co-ordinate meets throughout the county and for them to be held on a Wednesday evening. Wednesday was chosen as the bike night date as most pubs were empty. Thursday bikers were packing to go away for the weekend and Mondays bikers were cleaning their bikes after the weekend away.

I contacted as many motorcycle clubs as I could locate which included a range of bikes from scooters, classic bikes, VMCC, custom bikes and trikes. Many local clubs also helped to put the LBN on the map in the early days such as Harley Riders Club Lincolnshire, The Remnants Motorcycle Club, Scunthorpe Pathfinders Scooter Club, Lincolnshire Poachers, Scunthorpe Classic Motor Club to name but a few. Not to forget we were also helped out by many more individuals who all came along to support the events. A big thank you to you all for all your help over the years!

Towards the start of the bike nights, the Old Bike Mart included bike night information in their papers, free of charge and they also included my reviews. (Don’t forget this before the wonders of the internet). The first year 1989 of the Lincolnshire Bike Nights started with one bike night per month in May, June, July and August, all of which were well attended, so much so I had to include September the year later.

In the following years the Lincolnshire Bike Nights just grew and grew. I set up LBN meetings every Wednesday of the month from March to the second week of October a total of over 60 bike nights in all. These were the hay day years of “The Brigg Bike Nights”. I even managed to get a mention by Michael Fish saying that the weather was going to be good for the Brigg Bike Night. At that time the bike nights were so popular I was able to get Yorkshire TV to come down and record the event. We had great evenings at the Glandford Park Football Stadium in Scunthorpe with live music from local bands such as Adrenaline and The North performing on the back of a trailer loaned by Jacksons of Scotter. LBN also raised over £1000 for the Air Ambulance with my little girl (Tamara) collecting money donations from bikers on many occasions. 

In the more recent years, I had to split the LBN into cruiser and super bike nights. The reason being that the bike nights had outgrown a lot of the venues (it was not unusual to have over 2000 bikes attend some of the venues through the night). I also changed the bike night venues at opposite ends of the county on the same night this was a road safety initiative to get less bikes on the same roads.